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Germany could be described as the home of modern cinema. Here I include four of my favourite films to have come out of Germany in recent years.

Black Rider by Pepe Danquart (1993) (Germany) (10m)

Black Rider (Schwarzfahrer) is a short German drama (with a large dose of black comedy) written and directed by the filmmaker Pepe Danquart and proving that some Germans do indeed have a sense of humor. Filmed in black & white, there is a definite European feel to it but this didn't stop Black Rider winning the Oscar for Best Short Film in 1994. It is a simple story of bigotry and comical revenge.

Delivery by Till Nowak (2005) (Germany) (9m) *

Delivery, made by Till Nowak while he was still a student, is a short animation that did very well on the international festival circuit, gaining a dozen awards along the way. In Delivery, an old man is living alone close to a metropolis around which all life is dying - including his last flower. But today he receives a mysterious package which gives him the ability to change his world... Nowak is now working as a VFX supervisor in the German television industry.

Countdown by Marcel Kyrill Gardelli (1995) (Germany) (6m) *

A man, bereft of his wife and child, has decided to commit suicide by setting up a contraption that means when a wind-up toy - a drumming panda - falls off the end of the table, it will trigger a shotgun. The man straps himself into a chair so as he cannot escape should he have any second thoughts. However, he then spies a baby in a pram by the busy road outside, and the pram brake is about to fail...

Rocks by Stenner, Uibel & Wittlinger (2003) (Germ) (8m)

Rocks (Dad Rad) was a collaborative effort between Chris Stenner, Heidi Wittlinger and Arvid Uibel. The latter died in 2000 before the film was completed and Rocks is dedicated to his memory. It was nominated for an Oscar in 2003, losing out to The Chubbchubbs! and is reminiscent of Orwell's The Time Machine. Two rocks converse as human civilization rises and falls in front of them... watch it!

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