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Film of the Week:  WOW by Chic & Artistic

WOW by Chic & Artistic (2016) (France) (5m) *

Created by the Paris based collective Chic & Artistic, the dialogue-free WOW is a palindromic film; meaning that it is the same backwards as it is forwards. This is an interesting conceit in a short film, for when certain scenes are played backwards, their meanings appears to be reversed too. So in a love story, a beginning becomes an ending, a connection becomes a separation. The film stars two French models: lingerie model Charlene Perillat and Kevin Drelon.



Projection by Beryl Allee (2016) (USA) (5m)

Written and directed by student filmmaker Beryl Allee, Projection is a fine example of the hand drawn animation short film. A woman is woken in her New York apartment by an argument taking place in the street below and is in no mood for her flatmate's tedious story over breakfast. In her annoyance she begins to picture her flatmate as an animal, and is soon doing the same with everyone she meets.


No Love Lost by Shekhar Bassi (2013) (UK) (15m)

Directed by Shekhar Bassi, who also made the wonderful False Start, which was a finalist previously, No Love Lost is a very visual, dialogue free drama about a Jewish boy and Muslim girl who are in love but unable to show it publicly. They are like a modern day Romeo and Juliet, separated by their faith. But in No Love Lost, the star-crossed lovers are also being stalked by someone who appears to hold a violent grudge against them.


Intersection by Brendan Beachman (2014) (USA) (20m)

Intersection showed at festivals on both sides of the Atlantic. Inspired by his own summer jobs, Intersection is a black comedy telling the story of two road construction workers who are dropped off in the middle of nowhere to police the non-existent traffic at a desert intersection (crossroads). The monotony of the dusty day is broken by the violent arrival of a meteorite and the belief that this astral object may be worth a lot of money.

Greedy Germ by Yu Hsu (2015) (Taiwan) (5m) *

Greedy Germ is a wonderful animation set in a world where a group of friendly bacteria are living in happy harmony. When a daddy bacterium rescues another microbe from certain death, the microbe responds by consuming part of the bacterium and going on a violent rampage. The bacterium's son manages to save his daddy but can the bacteria possibly stop the ever-growing microbe from destroying their world?


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