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Film of the Week: Bat Eyes by Damien Power

Bat Eyes by Damien Power (Australia) (2012) (10m)

Inspired by the poetry of the Irish poet W. B. Yeats, Bat Eyes is a beautifully shot tale of young love and from Australia. Written by Jessica Bellamy and directed by Damien Power, Bat Eyes could be classed as a coming-of-age drama but is very subtle. It stands out because of the cinematography and the acting, both of which are exceptional. It begins with an unkown man having an eye test that laves him recalling a romance from his school days.

Sleepless Night by Arev Manoukian ('09) (Canada) (5m) *

Unusually for FILMSshort, Sleepless Night (Nuit Blanche) by Canadian filmmaker Arev Manoukian is perhaps more about the visuals than the story, but I have admired it for some time and felt it deserved a place on the site. It shows us a fantastic, fleeting moment between a man and a woman, and a visual representation of their inner thoughts. The brilliant visual effects are by Canadain Marc-Andre Gray.

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