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Film of the Week:  Goodbye by Tyler Russo

Goodbye by Tyler Russo (2015) (USA) (7m)

Goodbye was made by Tyler Russo while at the California Institute of the Arts and is all the more remarkable for it. Goodbye could be classed as a horror, but is more disturbing than horrific. Having been killed in a road accident, a man finds himself bodiless and faced with a group of gatekeepers, who were once human but are now something else. It is the job of the gatekeepers to interview the man and decide upon a suitable vocation for eternity; and should surely try to avoid becoming a gatekeeper.



Incognito by Jeremiah Quinn (2015) (UK) (11m)

Incognito was written and directed by the British filmmaker Jeremiah Quinn, a previous competition winner with The Strange Death of Harry Stanley. Incognito is a mysterious drama about two men meeting in a Buenos Aires cafe in 1960. It is an unusual meeting, for they apparently share a dark secret but are also not particularly friendly. I will not tell you too much as that would perhaps ruin the drama....

Foxed! by Nev Bezaire & James Stewart (2013) (Canada) (4m)

Goosebumps are guaranteed in this amazing stop-motion animation short film. Foxed! won many awards on the international festival circuit before finally being made available online. Made as a proof-of-concept for a feature film, Foxed! tells the story of Emily, a little girl who has been kidnapped by evil foxes and forced to work in an underground mine. When she sees a chance to escape, she makes a run for it. But what horrors await her when she reaches home?


Speed Dating by Isaac Feder (2007) (USA) (8m)

Speed Dating is a brilliant romantic comedy written by, and starring, Brian Beery. Greg, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, is trying a speed-dating evening. He is confronted with a series of comically incompatible women until he meets one woman who is different from the rest. Is this the girl for which Greg is waiting and will he finally be able to open up about his feelings? Short films don't come much better than Speed Dating.


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