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    Film of the Week:  Bunny by Chris Wedge

Bunny by Chris Wedge (1998) (US) (7m) *

How do you get to direct an animated feature film like Ice Age? Make a beautiful animation like Bunny first. Or at least that's what Chris Wedge did and picking up the Oscar for best short animation in 1999 probably didn't hurt his chances. He also voices Scrat, the saber-toothed, acorn-obsessed squirrel in the Ice Age series (four features including Ice Age: Contintental Drift). In Bunny, we find an elderly doe (female rabbit) pestered by a moth - but is the the moth trying to tell her something... just watch it!

West Bank Story by Ari Sandel (2006) (USA) (21m)

West Bank Story, a musical comedy, won an Oscar in 2007. Just in case you missed it, West Bank Story takes its musical cue from West Side Story. If you're too young to know the latter, it took its story from Romeo & Juliet. And if you don't know what Romeo & Juliet is then I'm surprised you can read this. David, an Israeli soldier, falls in love with Fatima, a beautiful Palestinian cashier, despite the animosity between their families' dueling restaurants.

Mei Ling by Lansaque & Leroy (2009) (France) (15m) *

Written and directed by French duo, Stéphanie Lansaque and François Leroy, Me Ling is an unusual but lovely animation set in in the Orient. Mei Ling is a young Chinese girl living on her own and waiting eternally for her cold-hearted boyfriend. However, having chopped up an adult octapus, she finds a baby octapus lurking in the kitchen sink, and decides to spare its life. The octapus grows and a silent friendship builds up between two loners.

Gridlock by Dirk Beliën (2001) (Belgium) (7m) 15 Certificate

Written by Johan Verschueren, a member of the competition judging panel, Gridlock (Fait d'hiver) was nominated for an Academy Award in 2003. It is a comic drama in which a businessman stuck in traffic (gridlock) decides to call his wife on his new mobile phone. However, he is told by his little girl that mummy is in the bedroom with 'Uncle Wim'. On hearing this news, our hero gives instructions, which have amusing and tragic consequences.

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