Holland is famous for its artists and so it is perhaps no surprise that the Dutch excel in animation. Here are four of my favourite shorts from Holland.

Rooted by Edwin Schaap (2011) (Holland) (5m) *

Edwin Schaap had an internet hit with his ill-fated, tunnel-digging worm, Robby, and Rooted proves he is building upon his talent. In Rooted we find two trees planted close together but not within touching distance. They find a way to connect and reach a level of contentment as the years pass them by. However, with age comes the threat of destruction. Additional animators included Floyd Angenent, Pim Reinders, Jeroen Hoolmans with music by Vidjay Beerepoot.



Dilemma by Boris Paval Conen (2005) (Holland) (10m) *

Written and directed by Boris Paval Conen, and supported by the Dutch Film Fund among others, Dilemma obviously had a considerable budget at its disposal. A jogging man begins a fun race with a boy on a bicycle but when the jogger stops at the road the boy continues into the path of an oncoming lorry. Time and people freeze for the jogger. He has the power to direct the lorry away from the boy. However, he faces a dilemma as to where he directs it.

Father & Daughter by Dudok de Wit (2000) (UK/Holl/Belg) (8m) *

Dutch animator MIchael Dudok de Wit had been nominated for an Oscar with his short animation Le Moine et le Poissonin (The Monk & The Fish) in 1994 before claiming the Academy Award and BAFTA for best short animation with this beautiful film, Father and Daughter. A father and daughter go cycling before the father bids his daughter goodbye. In time, the daughter grows old, but within her is always a deep longing for her father... it's a weepy!

Father & Daughter

Sigh by Margien Rogaar (2007) (Holland) (10m)

Sigh (Zucht), written by Tjyying Liu, is one of those lovely coming-of-age dramas. A young girl, Sofie, is keen on Erik, a boy about her age. She and her father are taking Erik with them to the beach but Erik seems as interested in Sofie's father as her. When Sofie instigates a kissing game, Erik seizes the chance to give his heart away. Zucht, which can translate as 'Breath' or 'Sigh' is subtle and beautifully shot...

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