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Some shorts and animations can be seen as part of a series. Others I just did not know where else to put. Anyway, here they are on the extra pages!

'Cat Man Do' by Simon Tofield (2007) (UK) (2m) *

Simon Tofield is an English animator with four cats who has made a series of cartoons about one particularly pesky cat who resorts to very human-like tricks to get his way. In this episode (his most popular) simon's cat is trying to wake his master. Unfortunately, his master is fast asleep and the cat will therefore have to try new ways to rouse him from his slumber. I have added an extra page for Simon's Cat here.

Alive In Joburg by Neill Blomkamp (2005) (S Africa) (9m)

Neill Blomkamp was born in Johannesburg (Joburg), South Africa, but emigrated to Canada when he was 18 and ended up working as a 3D animator in America. His life changed after making Alive In Joburg, which so impressed Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings, King Kong) that Blomkamp was invited to turn his short film into a feature film: District 9.

What Facebook Is For by Mike Booth (2009) (UK/Spain) (3m)

What Facebook Is For is part of Mike Booth's Some Grey Bloke animation series (for which I add a page here). Mike Booth is an English animator who lives in Spain, but has maintained his very dry, British sense of humor. What Facebooks Is For is an excellent example of how simple the comedy short film can be. You just need to be funny.

Peter And Ben by Pinny Grylls (2007) (10m)

Peter and Ben is a lovely, low-key documentary about a hermit (the eponymous Peter) who has hidden himself away in the Welsh countryside only to end up living with a sheep (the eponymous Ben). I find it intriguing how much like a dog a sheep will act if given the chance - so the next time you omnivores out there tuck into a lamb chop please spare a thought for Ben and how sentient an aminal he is!