Raah by Prateek Payodhi (2016) (India) (16m)

Raah was selected by FunOnGo as the Best Indian Short Film in the 11th FILMSshort competition. In Raah a man is giving a pretty woman a lift in his car along a deserted road said to be haunted. A psychological power struggle ensues between the two of them because both like to play pranks. However, one of them is in for a nasty shock as events take a turn for the worse. But who is in the greatest danger?


Satisfied??? by Aliakbar Campwala (2011) (India) (8m)

Written and directed by Aliakbar Campwala, Satsifed??? is a short film with a personal story reflecting the changing world in cities such as modern day Mumbai (Bombay): a little like the Oscar winning Slumdog Millionaire. Aslam is a man people come to if they need help in Mumbai. Anna is a pretty woman apparently involved in telephone sex. She apparently needs his help but how it all fits together is only revealed at the end. It may require more than one viewing!



Printed Rainbow

The Virgins by Sandeep Varma (2016) (India) (19m)

The Virgins is a comedy directed by Sandeep Varma, who wrote and directed the well-recieved feature film, Manjunath. It tells the story of a young couple on the cusp of an arranged marriage. The man is a virgin and is concerned to discover that his bride may be more exprienced than him. It explores how modern society - with pornography widely available - conflicts with the old values surrounding arranged marriages. Does virginity matter?

Little Terrorist

Little Terrorist by Ashvin Kumar (2004) (India) (15m)

Little Terrorist was nominated for an Academy Award in 2005. Written and directed by Kumar, it follows a Pakistani boy who crosses onto Indian soil after a cricket ball and is then forced to hide out. He is concealed by a Hindu father and daughter as the guards search for him but their deep-rooted prejudice is harder to disguise. Will they continue to help him and will the daughter learn to see the boy as a mother's son?

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