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Short animations could have a site all of their own so I include just some
of the very best animations of different genres, including festival winners.

House On Little Cubes by Kunio Katô (2008) (Japan) (12m) *

House On Little Cubes (aka Maison En Petits Cubes & Tsumiki No Ie) by Japenese animator Kunio Kato won the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2009. As his town floods, an old man is forced to add levels onto his home in order to stay dry. But when he drops his favorite pipe into the watery levels below, his scuba-diving search for the pipe prompts him to keep on descending and relive scenes from his life. It's a bit of a weepy and could be considered the animated version of The Last 3 Minutes...

House on Little Cubes


Vincent by Tim Burton (1982) (US) (6m)

The king of the macabre revealed his hand in this stop-motion animation film - made when he was 23 - in which a young boy dreams of being horror legend Vincent Price. It was not his first short film but it introduced him to the wider film world as a darlky humorous director, which would lead on to his first successful feature film, Beetle Juice. Having Vincent Price narrate this short animation film was probably one of his most salient career moves.

Ark by Grzegorz Jonkajtys (2007) (Poland) (8m) *

Polish filmmaker Grzegorz Jonkajtys was nominated for the Palm d'Or in 2007 (animations and live-action films compete for the same Golden Palm at Cannes) with this superbly finished computer animation. Ark (Arka) shows us a post-apocalyptic world in which one man is leading the survivors to salvation before the cruel twist is revealed along with one of the sexiest nurses in short movie history.


Simon's Cat 'Cat Man Do' by Simon Tofield (2007) (UK) (2m) *

Simon Tofield is an English animator with four cats who has made a series of amusing cartoons about one particularly pesky cat - thus Simon's Cat - who resorts to very human-like tricks to get his way. In this episode (his most popular) simon's cat is trying to wake his master. Unfortunately, his master is fast asleep and the cat will therefore have to try new ways to rouse him from his slumber. I have added an extra page for Simon's Cat here.

Cat Man Do
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