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    Film of the Week:  World Of Glory by Roy Andersson

World of Glory

World Of Glory by Roy Andersson (1991) (14m) (Sweden)

If you watch it once you will never forget the odd, fairly experimental World of Glory (Härlig är jorden), written and directed by Roy Andersson. What exactly it is trying to say I am, to be honest, not completely sure but the opening scene is so absolutely captivating you will be pondering its meaning for a while. Andersson was born in wartime Europe and was in his late 40s when he made this. He has since moved onto feature films. If you want something less high-brow, see the two films below.

In God We Trust by Jason Reitman (2000) (USA) (15m)

Written and directed by American filmmaker Jason Reitman (Juno, Up In The Air), In God We Trust is a goofy comedy about a slacker who is killed and told that he has not accumulated enough points to make it to Heaven. Faced with Hell, he makes a run for it back to Earth, where he must now accumulate enough points before those guarding the afterlife manage to kill him again. Reitman made several more shorts before moving into feature films.

Dji Death Fails

7:35 In the Morning

7:35 In The Morning by Nacho Vigalondo (2003) (Spain) (8m)

Nominated for an Oscar in 2005, it's impossible not to like 7:35 In The Morning (7:35 De La Mañana), written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. It starts off in a slightly eerie fashion, with a woman entering a cafe for her normal morning cup of coffee but with no-one speaking or, indeed, moving. It seems she has a secret admirer who has come up with an unusual way of approaching his intended...

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