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    Film of the Week: Merci by Christine Rabette

Merci by Christine Rabette (2003) (Belgium) (8m) *

Written and directed by Christine Rabette, Merci! is a beautifully simple film set on the Metro, where laughter his hard to come by. Also known as The Laughing Bodhisattva, it stars Jan Hammenecker as an everyday man who is about to change the day for everyone else on his train carriage. Hammenecker has since had a successful television career in Belgium. Rabette made just three short films and Merci! has proven the most successful, finding a new life online.


Burning Hearts by James McFay (2012) (Japan) (15m)

I like ambitious and unusual filmmaking and so think Burning Hearts by James McFay deserves to be seen because of its no-holds-barred genre switch. It begins with an interesting narration by a weary Tokyo taxi driver. We then focus on his passenger's love story, wondering why we were introduced to the taxi driver before the love triangle between three self-absorbed European models. However, bare with the film and you will be rewarded with the kickass genre switch. It should leave you smiling.

Burning Hearts


Seraphim by Kip Kubin (2014) (USA) (4m) *

As Rabbit and Deer has been removed from Vimeo, Seraphim takes over as the Film of the Week. Written and directed by Kip Kubin, Seraphim was a finalist in the 8th FILMSshort competition. It is a simple sci-fi story set in a dystopian world overrun by unknown creatures. We find one of the few survivors living alone in a caravan but on the lookout for any of those frightening aliens. Can he really defend himself against one or is he and the world doomed? You can see competition winners here.

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