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    Film of the Week: 8 by Acim Vasic

8 by Acim Vasic (2010) (Serbia/ Swiss) (9m) *

With the new FILMSshort competition coming soon, it's time to look at previous winners and finalists. Written and directed by Acim Vasic, 8 was the winner of the fourth FILMSshort competition and is a masterful example of how to create a film with no dialogue. Two soldiers from opposing armies (the naughts and the crosses) find themselves alone in a snowy forest. A game of cat and mouse ensues as the pendulum swings between them - but there are ultimately few winners in the game of war!



Paperman by John Kahrs (2012) (USA) (6m) *

The story for Paperman, fairly reminiscent of the nicely made live-action short Signs, came from Clio Chiang and Kendelle Hoyer and won everyone involved, including Disney, an Oscar. I have to admit I find the generic Disney characteristics somewhat kitsch but this animation is certainly likeable. It follows the story of a man who has a brief encounter with a woman and sees she works in the office block opposite him.... but how to get her attention?

Second Thoughts

Second Thoughts by David Shane (2015) (USA) (9m)

Second Thoughts is a great comedy short written by Matt Heath, Eric Stevens and Joshua Dimarcantonio, and directed by David Shane. It tells the story of High Priest Nebula (Rory Scovel), the leader of a religious cult, who is about to lead his acolytes in a mass suicide so that they can transcend to the planet Quathcore. However, with the moment upon him, he is unsure whether he has faith enough to proceed. The only problem is that it was he who prophesised that he would lead in their transcendence.

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