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Film of the Week:  8 by Acim Vasic

8 by Acim Vasic (2010) (Serbia/ Swiss) (9m) *

The next competition opens 25th May. Acim's 8 was the winner of the fourth FILMSshort competition and is a masterful example of how to create a film with no dialogue. Two soldiers from opposing armies (naughts and crosses) find themselves alone in a snowy forest. A game of cat and mouse ensues as the pendulum swings between them - but there are ultimately few winners in the game of war!


Social Security by Peter Smith (2011) (UK) (2m)

With the next competition fast approaching, it's a good time to look back at some previous films. Social Security by Peter Smith was a finalist in the very first FILMSshort competition in 2011 and also won the award for best animation at the short film competition that year. It is a simple idea well executed, with a low-key, dry and rather British sense of humour. It is narrated by the newcomer to an office job while a series of images depict his words with amusing and ever-increasing complexity.

Social Security


Period Piece by James McLellan (2014) (USA) (12m)

Written and directed by James McLellan, Period Piece sees a film director struggling to get her horribly schmaltzy climactic scene finished in a world overrun by zombies. Imagine The Walking Dead where they are trying to continue the film industry in an effort to bring some light relief to the survivors. Set on a ranch in the American midwest, Period Piece opens with what appears to be a terrible cliche. However, all is not what it seems...

Dead Bird

A(r)men by Thomas Lunde (2013) (Norway) (14m)

Directed by Thomas Lunde, A(R)MEN is a great dialogue-free comedy where an introspective man loses his arm in an industrial accident but finds it growing back. His exultation turns to trepidation when he discovers the miracle arm has a life of its own, but a directness that ladies find appealing. Arne finds himself on a date with a woman from his church choir. However, his arm is a heavy partier and the night takes an unexpected turn. Writing credits include Steinar Kaarstein, Thomas Lunde and Anders Olsen.

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