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Film of the Week:  Rabbit and Dear by Peter Vacz


Rabbit and Dear by Peter Vacz (2013) (USA) (16m)

Rabbit and Dear (Nyuszi és Öz) was a big hit on the festival circuit. Made as his graduation film, it tells the story of Rabbit, a sensitive female, and Deer, a more pugnacious male, who live together in perfect 2D harmony until an argument breaks out and Deer glimpses the possibility of a third dimension. Deer quickly becomes obsessed with finding and entering a 3D world. However, his success puts his relationship with the 2D Rabbit under further strain. Can they find a way to make the new z axis work for them both?


Piper by Alan Barillaro (2016) (USA) (6m)

With the support of the entire Pixar team, Piper won the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2017. It is a sweet story about a young piper (bird) learning how to feed on the beach and, with the help of a young crab, discovering that there is a better way to pinpoint its food. The computer animation - which at times is indistinguishable from live action - is beautifully done and a faux documentary camera style gives it a sense of realism.


Soft by Simon Ellis (2007) (UK) (14m)

Simon Ellis won the International Short Filmmaking Award at Sundance and was nominated for a BAFTA in 2008 with his great short film, Soft. It is the gritty story of a son and father tormented by a gang of 'happy-slapping' youths, but with neither apparently being brave enough to fight back. Simon Ellis went on to make the feature film, Dogging: A Love Story, in 2009 but scored less success with this film.

Thirst For Fury by Wiebe van den Ende (2016) (Holland/Brazil) (6m)

Thirst For Fury (Sede de Furia) is a brilliantly simple black comedy. A woman, having returned home from a successful business trip, is eating a celebratory dinner with her boyfriend. Unfortunately, the boyfriend has a rather brutal confession to make regarding her sister. Worse, the woman has been witholding a dark truth too. Yet all is not as it seems in this unconventional relationship.


Wanderer by Mark O'Brien & Jake Wilkens (2015) (USA) (16m)

the short psychological thriller Wanderer sees a male traveller arrive at a secluded house at dusk. He is seeking shelter and the occupants, a couple his age, invite him in and offer him dinner. However, the woman seems uncomfortable with their dinner guest and there is an underlying sense that something is not quite right. Could it be that the nomadic serial killer who has been stalking the area has just walked into their house? Will they survive the night?

Small Deaths

White Awake by Alex Kyrou (2015) (UK) (14m)

White Awake has won the best BAME Short Film in the 12th FILMSshort competition. White Awake - which is a great title! - tells the story of Joshua, a successful black man, who is having therapy to overcome his current problems. During today's therapy session he is recalling his somewhat unusual childhood in the 1980s as the black son of a white couple with marital problems. The look of the 1980s scenes is very evocative and the overall quality of the film and acting is very high.


4.1 Miles

4.1 Miles by Daphne Matziaraki (2016) (USA/Greece) (25m)

This Oscar-nominated documentary, made for the New York Times, is a compelling film with no voiceover and no interviewer. It simply shows the efforts of a Greek coast guard boat, stationed on the small island of Lesbos, as it is constantly attempting to rescue refugees stranded on overcrowded boats in the Aegean Sea. The refugees, crammed onto the boats by dispassionate people smugglers, are trying to make it from Turkey to Greece, a crossing of 4.1 miles.

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