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    Film of the Week: The Trail's End by David Rosenbaum

Trail's End

The Trail's End by David Rosenbaum (2014) (US) (10m)

The Trail's End is a poem written by Bonnie Parker, famous for being one half of the bank robbing duo Bonnie & Clyde. David Rosenbaum takes the Bonnie & Clyde story as inspiration for his sci-fi romance. In a futuristic world, a man is living in the next door apartment to a girl he sees but never talks to. When he hears her apparently being beaten-up he feels he has no choice but to intervene.

Message from Fallujah

18 Certificate Logo A Message From Fallujah by R. Gibson (2005) (Australia) (15m)

A Message From Fallujah, co-written by Shane Briant and its director, Richard Gibson, won several awards on the short film festival circuit, playing particularly well in North America. Set in war-torn Iraq, A Message From Fallujah centres on Daniel Crane, an American civilian engineer who is kidnapped by an extremist group of militia. In an impossible situation, he manages to escape his captives but finds himself in a nightmarish realm outside his prison.

Not What You Saw

Not Where You Saw by The Ramsey Bros (2011) (USA) (2m)

A simple but brilliant comedy idea, the Ramsey Brothers have made several Home Movie Commentaries. Basically, they get together to watch old home movies and give running commentaries like you find on the DVDs of modern Hollywood feature films. One of the results is Not Where You Saw, a subtle and amusing lampooning of the bollocks that Hollywood directors and actors speak. As the Ramsey Brothers say, Not Where You Saw “tells the riveting tale of one brother’s courageous stand for justice.”

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