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Film of the Week:  The Naughty List by Paul Campion

The Naughty List by Paul Campion (2016) (USA) (9m)

A competition finalist, The Naughty List reminds us that Santa Claus will visit all the world's children on Christmas Eve, even if the child in question - Vince - is an adult mobster hiding out with his partner-in-crime in a secluded cabin. The problem is that Vince's partner does not believe in Santa Claus and, fearing the stranger could be a hitman, is tempted to put a slug in him. For his part, Santa Claus is no saint, but how will this unusual situation end, and will the rest of the world's children get their presents tonight?

Small Deaths

Lullaby by Poojitha Prasad (2016) (India) (6m)

Lullaby is the first Indian film to make it into the finals of the FILMSshort competition, proving that Indian filmmaking is on the up. Lullaby (Laali) tells the story of a mother (Roopa Rayappa) who is being constantly awoken by her crying baby, much to the annoyance of her husband (Sujith Shetty). But all is not as it seems and her husband can longer bear to see his wife tending to their baby.

Friday Tigers

Best Man by Freddie Hall (2016) (UK) (4m)

Best Man has won the Best Short Short Award in the competition. It tells the story of the newly engaged Donald, who wants his good friend, Patrick, to be the best man at his wedding. The caveat is that, if Patrick is to be his best man, his first task is to get Donald out of the marriage by getting rid of his fiancée, which, as well as being somewhat contradictory, leads Patrick to believe that Donald has in fact lost his mind. When the bride-to-be turns up, Patrick faces a problem.


Two & Two

Two & Two by Babak Anvari (2011) (UK) (8m)

Made in England but set in an Iranian school, Two & Two is an allegorical tale about a teacher telling his class of young boys that what they thought was the sum of 2 + 2 is wrong. With a writing credit for Gavin Cullen, there are similarities to George Orwell's 1984, where the populace are forever being told that they have in fact been fighting a different enemy to the one they thought. Two & Two was nominated for a BAFTA and Anvari has since made the critically acclaimed feature, Under The Shadow.


Whiplash by Damien Chazelle (2013) (USA) (18m)

Whiplash was the precursor to the feature film of the same name, and has become the blueprint for creating a proof-of-concept short, sometimes called a sizzle. However, this is by no means a new idea: see the shorts of horror Saw, South African sci-fi District 9 and Pixels. Those who have seen the feature film, Whiplash, will recognise the scene in the short film, for it is almost exactly the same; almost shot for shot. A student drummer has been invited to partake in his music school's top band, run by a tyranical teacher.

House on Little Cubes

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