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Comedy is of course a rather subjective genre but I include what I think are some of the funniest short films. They may appeal to Westerners more!

Truth In Advertising by Tim 15 CertificateHamilton (Canada) (2001) (12m)

Written by David Chiavegato and its director, Tim Hamilton, Truth In Advertising is a genuinely funny comedy that was, somewhat bizarrely, also nominated for a Palm d'Or in 2001. Colin Mochrie, best known as a regular on Whose Line Is It Anyway? in the US and UK, is the boss in an advertising agency where everybody tells the embarrassing truth about all the crap they talk and bollocks they make and peddle...

What Facebook Is For by Mike Booth (2009) (UK/Spain) (3m)

What Facebook Is For is part of Mike Booth's Some Grey Bloke animation series (for which I add a page here). Mike Booth is an English animator who lives in Spain, but has maintained his very dry, British sense of humor. What Facebooks Is For is an excellent example of how simple the comedy short film can be. You just need to be funny.

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker by Marshall Thurber (2002) (4m)

Terry Tate: Office Linebacker is a mockumentary with a crazy edge. Written and directed by Californian filmmaker Rawson Marshall Thurber, it combines both visual and spoken comedy, a trick Thurber would repeat with his debut feature film, Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story. High production values and the combination of slapstick and modern humour make this a great comedy short film.

Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt 15 Certificate(2000) (US) (9m)

It's hard to know what to believe when one first watches Don Hertzfeldt's magnificent and unsettling hand-drawn animation, Rejected. But give it a chance and you will be richly rewarded. It was nominated for the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2001, losing out to Father & Daughter. How one can possibly compare two such brilliant and contrasting animations only the Academy members know.

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