Romance short films tend to be either optimistic or realistic. Here you will find both forms. One gives you hope and the other gives you solace.

House On Little Cubes by Kunio Katô (2008) (Japan) (12m) *

House On Little Cubes (Tsumiki No Ie) by Japenese animator Kunio Kato won the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2009. As his town floods, an old man is forced to add levels onto his home in order to stay dry. But when he drops his favorite pipe into the watery levels below, his scuba-diving search for the pipe prompts him to keep on descending and relive scenes from his life. It's a bit of a weepy and could be considered the animated version of The Last 3 Minutes...

House on Little Cubes

Valse by Chris Keller (2013) (UK) (4m) *

Written and directed by Chris Keller, Valse was judged the overall winner in a FILMSshort competition, nudging Friday Tigers into second place. Valse is an unusual love story starring two snails. Can these romantic molluscs find love in our human dominated world? Keller, a compositor at a leading VFX companies, also photographed the film, while the all important music was composed by Alex Wallace.


The Ticket by Po Chan (2012) (USA) (11m)

Written and directed by Po Chan, one of the competition's returning judges, and with cinematographer Shane Hurlbut (Terminator: Salvation, Fathers and Daughters) on board, you know The Ticket will have great production values. It is a magical, emotional fllm about love and loss, which tells the story of a couple who have been involved in a car crash but are desparate to make it to the pier so the boyfriend can keep his promise to take her on the Ferris wheel.

The Screamers by Roberto Pérez Toledo (2011) (Spain) (1m)

The Screamers (Los Grotines) was written and directed by Roberto Perez Toledo. An unusual short film to have in the romance section, but watch and if you're not smiling at the end, then write me an angry email. A man and a woman are look out from a graffiti strewn rooftop when they being screaming for fun. However, an uncomfortable situation awaits them when one of them raises the romantic stakes.

The Screamers

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