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Sci-fi and fantasy short movies work best when a great idea is matched by great effects or animation. Watch these exampes of what can be achieved.

Call Back

Call Back by C Puertolas and R Naamani (2013) (US) (7m)

Call Back was co-directed by Carlos F. Puertolas and Rani Naamani. It is a simple film about a man who has committed a double murder after visiting the motel where his wife and her lover are meeting. As the police arrive outside, the killer receives a mysterious call that promises him a second chance if he injects himself with an unknown drug. To watch more by the pair google Side Films.

The Ark by Grzegorz Jonkajtys (2007) (Poland) (8m) *

Polish filmmaker Grzegorz Jonkajtys was nominated for the Palm d'Or in 2007 (animations and live-action films compete for the same Golden Palm at Cannes) with this superbly finished computer animation. Ark (Arka) shows us a post-apocalyptic world in which one man is leading the survivors to salvation before the cruel twist is revealed (along with possibly the sexiest nurse in short film history).

The Ark

World Builder by Bruce Branit (2007) (US) (9m) *

Like many science-fiction short films, World Builder was written and directed by a digital effects artist looking to display his skills through his own authorship. The American Bruce Branit has worked on Hollywood series such as Lost and Pushing Daisies, and this was his fifth (and by far his best) short film. Like the best sci-fi short films, it marries a simple, strong story with beautifully created visual effects.

World Builder

Panic Attack

Panic Attack! by by Federico Alvarez (2009) (Uruguay) (5m) *

Panic Attack! (Ataque de Pánico! in Spanish) was created by unknown Uruguayan filmmaker Frederico Alvarez, and was such a hit on YouTube that Hollywood heavyweight Sam Raimi (The Evil Dead, Spiderman-3) offered Alvarez a deal to make a film through his production company. This science fiction short film is an exercise in special effects but don't expect much story within the total destruction.

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