The winners of the Best Short Animation BAFTA are varied, but recent winners have been a little less boring and earnest than those of old...

Edmond by Nina Gantz (2015) (UK) (8m)

Edmond is a stop-motion animation about a man who has suffered with a life-long affliction: cannibalism. We first meet him contemplating suicide at the edge of a lake before sliding back through time to witness individual moments when his craving for human flesh has taken over, revealing that he was a cannibal even before he was born. How is that possible? Watch this BAFTA winning short film to find out!


My Dad by Marcus Armitage (2014) (UK) (6m)

Nominated for the BAFTA in 2015, My Dad was written and directed by Marcus Armitage while still a student at the Royal College of Art. Inspired by a real-life photograph (shown at the end), this hand-drawn animation depicts a father's influence on a young boy's life, focusing on how the soccer loving father's bigoted views may affect his son's own world view, as well as the idea that the young boy is being placed in literal danger. It's style is somewhat arcane, but the overall message is pretty clear.


I Am Tom Moody by Ainslee Henderson (2012) (UK) (7m)

Written and directed by Scottish animator Ainslee Henderson, I Am Tom Moody was nominated for a BAFTA in 2014. Voiced by Mackenzie Crook (The Office), I Am Tom Moody is a stop motion animation telling the story of a timid musician about to give his first public performance since he tried and failed as a child. His inner child is telling him it will be a failure, but he is determined that he could be as big as David Bowie. So he decides he must talk to his inner child to allay his fears. But will the song be any good?

Tom Moody

The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson (2011) (UK) (15m)

The Making of Longbird by Will Anderson starts off like an earnest (and pretentious) film about a forgotten Russian animator. But it is of course a total fake and this short mocumentary, a mix of live action and animation, is more like a Don Hertzfeldt animation - or even Morph. It is subtle and cleverly done. Writing credits include Ainslie Henderson and Vitalij Sicinava, who is great as Longbird.


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