Social Security by Peter Smith (2011) (UK) (2m)

Sociel Security by Peter Smith was a finalist in the very first competition in 2011 and won the award for best animation at the short film competition. It is a very simple idea very well executed, with a low-key, dry, and rather British, sense of humour. It is narrated by the newcomer to an office job while a series of images depict his words with amusing and ever-increasing complexity.

Social Security

The Stairway

The Stairway by Alex Torterotot (2011) (France) (4m) *

The Stairway (L'Escalier) by Alexandra Torterotot was the winner of the first ever FILMSshort competition. Torterotot is a French filmmaker and The Stairway was shot in her native Paris. Written by Sylvain Aubert-Garmendia, it is a simple and nightmarish story of a man who cannot escape a never-ending but always changing series of stairways. When not making short films, Alexandra works as a script supervisor and putting together feature films.

How To Break Up by Lev Yilmaz (2007) (US) (3m)

How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend is one of the series of animations enttiled Tales Of Mere Existance, by comic animator Lev Yilmaz and originally started in 2002. How To Break Up Your Girlfriend is one of my favourites and, like most, the comedy comes from the fact that it cuts excruciatingly close to the bone, saying what many of us are too afraid to admit. This, of course, is base upon which many great stand-up comics build their routines!

How To Break Up

Local Hero

Local Hero by Jamie Kennerly & Andrew Taylor (2009) (UK) (3m)

Local Hero, by the young British filmmakers Jamie Kennerly & Andrew Taylor was conceived and made within a couple of weeks when the subject of their original documentary short film went on holiday. Thier new Local Hero is a great example of the short mockumentary comedy, where it is so real one wonders if it is in fact a straight documentary!

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