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Horror shorts should obviously scare you or unsettle you. I include here a variety from the genre that perhaps surpass those on the previous page!

Mister Hollow

Mister Hollow by Gudiño & 15 CertificateMarcone (08) (Canada) (6m) *

The whole title of this brilliant animation is The Facts In The Case Of Mister Hollow. It was co-directed by Rodrigo Gudiño and Vincent Marcone with the writing credit attached to Gudino. Once again, Canada brings us the best in animation with this deceptively simple short horror flick. It is apparently based upon a real-life photograph from the 1930s (although I am awaiting confirmation on this), while its title references The Facts In The Case of M. Valdemar, a short story by the grandfather of horror, Egdar Allen Poe.

The French Doors by Steve Ayson (2002) (New Zealand) (12m)15 Certificate

Written and directed by Steve Ayson, The French Doors is a short horror film with a simple idea at its core. A man is living alone in the New Zealand wilderness while renovating the new home for himself and his partner. He installs a set of secondhand French doors (French windows in the UK) but discovers something has gone wrong the next morning. I won't spoil it for you!

French Doors

Zapato & Caldera

Zapato and Caldera by O.R. 18 Certificate Logo Encinas (2010) (Bolivia) (23m)

This film apparently caused a bit of a stir on the short film festival circuit because of its graphic violence. So be warned! Zapato and Caldera (Zapato y Caldera) by Bolivian filmmaker Oscar Ricardo Encinas, centres on two high-school students as they take their revenge on a man using technology created specifically for the process. All they have to do is plug the USB cable into his his brain to see exactly what happened to one of their's sister...

Alma by Rodrigo Blaas (2009) (US/Spain) (6m) *

Written and directed by Rodrigo Blaas, a Spanish animator who has worked on brilliant Pixar features such as Wall-E and Up, Alma is something close to an animation horror! Alma is an angelic little girl who is writing her name on a wall when she spies a doll in a shop window that looks exactly like her. She enters the empty shop. The doll keeps moving but Alma is determined to get her hands on it... Alma won the Best Animation award at the LA Shorts Fest.



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