Free short films can, of course, be found on other websites but many of these sites are user-generated and contain films that aren't that great. Also, no-one seemed to have organised
them into catagories that would really appeal - such as Oscar winners and Cannes winners.

So I created a site for short films that really deserve to be seen and began researching,
collecting and collating. The idea is to keep it carefully curated but there are many films to be added. I always strive to embed the official upload but even then films can be removed from or made private on the host site so please let me know if a video is no longer viewable.

There's the FILMSshort competition, Facebook page and the Twitter account. If you want to submit a film please read the submissions page first! Nagham and Jordan, filmmakers from Egypt and the USA respectively, help run social media when they have time but I'm always open to people who want to get involved, especially those interested in web design and social media.

                                                                                         Ed @ filmsshort.com

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