It's the home of Hollywood but before you make your blockbuster you have to prove yourself and this is where the great American short film comes in.

Speed Dating by Isaac Feder (2007) (USA) (8m)

Speed Dating is a brilliant romantic comedy about Greg, who has recently broken up with his girlfriend, trying out speed dating. He is confronted with a series of comically incompatible women until he meets one woman who is different from the rest and keen to have an honest conversation with him. Is this the girl for which Greg is waiting? With a great script and wonderful acting, short films don't come much better than Speed Dating.

The Candidate by David Karlak (2010) (USA) (19m)

The Candidate is something of a classic psychological thriller despite its lack of awards. It is perhaps a little heavy-handed by today's standards but its simple concept remains its strength. Burton Grunzer has a problem with his colleague. When a stranger arrives from the Society of United Action seeking ten minutes of his time, Burton agrees to hear him out. It appears the Society has a unique and seemingly lawful method of disposing of an adversary and want to know if Burton believes the method could work for him.

The Shore

Bob's Birthday

Yearbook by Bernardo Britto (2014) (USA) (11m)

Yearbook is a comic animation written and directed by American filmmaker Bernardo Britto. Although comical, Yearbook has a deep heart, questioning what we value as noteworthy. The story centres around a man who is asked to compile a yearbook for man's time on planet Earth. He is given seventeen years in which to create this document as this is how long it will take an alien missile to reach and destroy us. However, he has a finite amount of space...

The Neighbors' Window by Marshall Curry (2019) (USA) (20m)

The Neighbors' Window - which won the Oscar in 2020 - is an examination of the greeness of the grass on the other side. A middle-aged couple with young children see a young, partying couple move into the apartment opposite, and are immediately reminded of their own unexciting lives. So much so, that the stressed-out mother becomes obsessed with the younger couple. However, everyone faces personal struggles and, after the passing of several seasons, it becomes clear that the couple opposite are facing a traumatic event.


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