Yearbook is a comic animation written and directed by American filmmaker Bernardo Britto. Although comical, Yearbook has a deep heart, questioning what we value as noteworthy. The story centres around a man who is asked to compile a yearbook for man's time on planet Earth. He is given seventeen years in which to create this document as this is how long it will take an alien missile to reach and destroy us. However, he has a finite amount of space and soon discovers he is having to slim down entries or completely omit people, including Kat Stevens. But what makes someone important? What about the billions of people living everyday lives? Are they not just as important to their families? Yearbook feels like it owes a debt to The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy, in which the Earth is to be destroyed by aliens and a visitor has been asked to write an entry for it, which turns out to be rather concise: mostly harmless. Be sure to rate and share it!

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