Pixar, the leaders in computer animated films, ensure their more recent
shorts are not available online but these older films are all out there.

Boundin' by Bud Luckey (2003) (USA) (5m)

Boundin' is somewhat unusual for a Pixar short animation because it actually contains dialogue, something that Pixar is usually masterful at avoiding. It was shown in cinemas before The Incredibles feature animation. Luckey has been animating since the 1960s and is also a voiceover artist for Pixar, and combined both jobs on Boundin'. It tells the story of a sheep shorn of his woolly coat and his confidence until a jackalope helps him bounce back.


Geri's Game

Geri's Game by Jan Pinkava (1997) (USA) (4m) *

Geri's Game won Jan Pinkava an Academy Award for Best Short Animation in 1998 and, as well as working on other Pixar feature length animations, he went on to co-direct Ratatouille in 2007. In Geri's Game, we find an elderly gentleman playing a game of chess against... himself. Despite his familar foe, he soon finds himself in losing situation and must resort to underhand tactics. You have to ignore the fact that he has a serious mental illness.

For The Birds by Ralph Eggleston (2000) (USA) (3m) *

A bunch of small, quarrelsome birds are roosting on a telegraph line when a larger bird arrives looking for friends. However, the smaller birds are rather unfriendly, turning even nastier when their larger counterpart joins them at the centre of the wire. However, they have forgotten one of Newton's laws of motion: every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The larger bird is somewhat reminiscent of Kevin from the fantastic Pixar feature film, Up.

For the Birds

Luxo Jr

Luxo Jr. by John Lasseter (1986) (US) (2m) *

Luxo Jr. was the first computer animation to be shown by John Lasseter, the man behind Pixar. It introduced the world to computer animation and Luxo Jr is still used as Pixar's production logo. Luxo Jr. tells the story of an anglepoise lamp teaching his son (the eponymous Luxo Jr.) to play with a ball - the light and the ball being used to showcase computer animation capabilities. It had to be pretty short because of the time it took to produce!

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