Sundance is considered to be one of the top short film festivals, and is perhaps even more varied than Cannes when it comes to awards.

Fauve by Jeremy Comte (2018) (Canada) (15m)

Fauve (Wildcat) played at many major short film festivals, winning a fair number of awards. It is easy to see why and one would be surprised if it is not nominated for an Oscar in 2019. Although everything about it is wonderful, the acting of the two leads really is astonishing. It follows two fairly feral kids who wander onto a massive surface mine in a sparsely populated part of Canada. However, in seeking to avoid being seen by a delivery truck, they find themselves in a sort of quicksand at the bottom of one of the pits. Still messing about, will they realise the danger they are in before something serious happens?


And So We Put Goldfish In... by M Nagahisa ('17) (Japan) (27m)

And So We Put Goldfish In The Pool won the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of four teenage girls who feel trapped in their home town and, in a somewhat madcap fashion, questions the meaning of life. It is a post-modern film employing a dizzying array of different styles, but this and the girls' constant quest for fun could be seen as a counterpoint to the theme - that everything we do is essentially pointless in the end.


Fry Up by Charlotte Regan (2017) (UK) (8m)

Fry Up was in competition at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of a teenage son who has to return to court today to receive his sentance for an unkonwn crime. Knowing that he will be given a custodial sentence, he and his parents have to come to terms with the fact that this is the last morning they will spend together for some time. Regan has previously been nominated for a BAFTA with her comedy short film Standby.


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