Film London has a large remit in the UK and has funded many shorts; some good, some not so good. Here are some of the best Film London shorts.

North Atlantic

North Atlantic by Bernardo Nascimento (2010) (UK) (15m)

North Atlantic by Bernardo Nascimento is based on a true story. Although a great short, it is paced like a feature, so may frustrate some viewers. North Atlantic tells the story of an isolated air traffic controller who receives a mayday call one night. A lone pilot is lost over the Atlantic with no chance or reaching land. This will be his last conversation. Perhaps not quite as dramatic as the opening of the feature A Matter Of Life And Death, which is quite similar.

Peter and Ben by Pinny Grylls (2007) (10m)

Peter and Ben is a lovely, low-key documentary about a hermit (the eponymous Peter) who has hidden himself away in the Welsh countryside only to end up living with a sheep (the eponymous Ben). I find it intriguing how much like a dog a sheep will act if given the chance - so the next time you omnivores out there tuck into a lamb chop please spare a thought for Ben and how sentient an aminal he is!

Peter and Ben

The Park

The Park by Destiny Ekaragha (2009) (UK) (17m) 15 Certificate

The park in question provides a view over the city of London and a place for three teenage boys to hang out. I suppose it's possible the title provides a metaphor for the coming-of-age teenage years but I fear I may be giving the filmmaker too much credit here. Regardless, it is a nicely observed and well-acted drama about three boys whose outward machismo hides deeper secrets and insecurities...

Orders of Love

Orders of Love by Jes Benstock (2004) (10m)

Another short documentary film supported by Film London's Pulse scheme, Orders of Love is a new father's examination of how past generations can influence the personality and therefore happiness of his child, Jacob. Benstock pursues his ancestors in a way similar to that of the BBC's Who Do You Think You Are?, but with the sole purpose of pinpointing and confronting mental illness.

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