Hedgehog's Home by Eva Cvijanovic (2017) (Canada) (10m)

Hedgehog's Home tells the story of a hedgehog who is invited to dinner by a fox. However, it is not the fox's intent to eat the hedgehog. Instead, the fox wants to know what makes the hedgehog's home so appealing to the hedgehog. He thus follows the hedgehog home, picking up a wolf, a bear and a hog along the way. When they find the hedgehog's home is nothing more than a hole under a tree, the wolf, bear and hog are quick to ridicule the spiky creature.


Seven Days in the Wood

Off To The Vet by Simon Tofield (2015) (UK) (13m) *

Off To The Vet is one of the many Simon's Cat animations that have been popular on YouTube, and it is a little incongruous that a YouTube series would be entered into - and win - at the International Berlin Film Festival, even if it is considered a "special". Having been stung by a bee in the garden, Simon decides he must take his cat to the vet, which first involves getting him into the cat box. How will the cat react to being force fed his medicine?



Bus 44

Dawit by David Jansen (2015) (Germany) (15m) *

The dialogue-free Dawit (or Daewit) was a hit on the short animation festival circuit around the world before becoming a FILMSshort Competition winner. The baby Dawit lives with his violent father and fearful mother on a small island, before his mother decides his best chance of survival is elsewhere and puts him in a tiny boat and sends him out to sea. Washed up on a beach, Dawit is brought up by a pack of wolves before humans intervene. But can Daewit live in our human world and can he forget his dark past?

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