Having covered other countries separately, here are some of the best shorts from the rest of the world, including New Zealand, Mexico and South Africa.

The French Doors by Steve Ayson (2002) (New Zealand) (12m)15 Certificate

Written and directed by Steve Ayson, The French Doors is a short horror film with a simple idea at its core. A man is living alone in the New Zealand wilderness while renovating the new home for himself and his partner. He installs a set of secondhand French doors (French windows in the UK) but discovers something has gone wrong the next morning. I won't spoil it for you!

French Doors

No Support

No Support by R. Castillo & A. Urrutia (1998) (Mex) (5m) *

This stop-motion animation by Mexican duo René Castillo and Antonio Urrutia was nominated for a Palme d'Or at Cannes in 1998. No Support (Sin Sostén) sees a suicidal man climb onto the rooftop between two billboards - one with a busty pin-up advertising a bra (the title is a play on words!) and the other with a mounted cowboy. When the time comes to jump, the huge advertisements come to life...

Alive in Joburg

Alive In Joburg by N. Blomkamp (2005) (S Africa/Canada) (9m)

Neill Blomkamp was born in Johannesburg (Joburg), South Africa, but emigrated to Canada when he was 18 and ended up working as a 3D animator in America. His life changed after making Alive In Joburg, which so impressed Peter Jackson (Lord Of The Rings, King Kong) that Blomkamp was invited to turn his short film into a feature film: District 9.

Raw Love by Martin Deus & Juan Chappa (2008) (Argentina) (15m)

Raw Love (Amor Crudo) was co-directed by Martin Deus and Juan Chappa, with writing credits attached to the former. It is a subtle and beautifully acted short about two high school friends spending the last days of term together. There is, of course, an unsaid something simmering beneath the surface but South American society is not condusive to male lovers. Raw Love is a compelling and truthful story of mixed emotions and untold wants.

Raw Love

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