City Lights by Ed Wiles (2016) (UK) (9m)

City Lights is a romantic comedy about a nighttime security guard who finds a unique way to gain the attention of a cleaner in an opposite tower. But with his job on the line, will he be able to invite her for an early morning coffee? An almost entirely dialogue-free short film, with seemless visual effects, City Lights invites us into a secret world inhabited by London shift workers. It premiered at the LA Shorts Fest in 2016 before playing at many more major international festivals and picking up some awards along the way.

The Landing by Josh Tanner (2013) (Australia) (17m)

The Landing takes place over two timelines, with most of it set on a secluded American farm during the height of the Cold War. The young Edward lives there with his alcoholic and war-weary father. When something falls from the sky, the boy watches his father drag something living from it, which he keeps hidden in the barn and proceeds to torture. The second timeline sees Edward some forty years later when, having just lost his father, he digs up the alien spacecraft.

Duel at Blood Creek

The Gunfighter by Eric Kissack (2013) (USA) (9m)

The Gunfighter sees a gunslinger walk into a saloon but followed by a voiceover that everyone in the bar can hear (a conceit similar to the 2006 feature film Stranger Than Fiction, where the main character can hear his life being described in a voiceover). The problem for the gunfighter is that the voiceover is painfully honest, which presents various problems. However, the others in the saloon soon find that they are not immune from the brutal veracity of the voiceover. How will they escape the seemingly inescapable?

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