The Pond

The Pond by Sonja Phillips (2008) (UK) (16m)

Sonja Philips won the Best Female Director award for The Pond in the 2008 LA Shorts Fest. Was there a Best Male Director award? Most of the shorts on the site are by male directors so I am happy to include it. In this short dramam Maisie, Tom and Joe are three children who often visit a pond in their village on their way home from school. But Maisie is unaware of what the ultimate consequences will be when she instigates a diving contest. 

Argentine Tangos by Guy Thys (2006) (Belgium) (14m)

Usually known by its original title, Tanghi Argentini, this short movie is a beautiful comedy drama from Belgian filmmaker Guy Thys. It was nominated for the Best Short Oscar as well as winning the Best Foreign Short at the LA Shorts Fest in 2006. Full of the Christmas spirit, Tanghi Argentini follows a middle-aged office-worker trying to fulfill his Christmas passion while keeping a snowy-white lie secret. I promise you will thank me for showing it to you!

Argentine Tangos

18 Certificate Logo A Message From Fallujah by R. Gibson (2005) (Australia) (15m)

A Message From Fallujah, co-written by Shane Briant and its director, Richard Gibson, won several awards on the short film festival circuit, playing particularly well in North America. Set in war-torn Iraq, A Message From Fallujah centres on Daniel Crane, an American civilian engineer who is kidnapped by an extremist group of militia. In an impossible situation, he manages to escape his captives but finds himself in a nightmarish realm outside his prison.

Message from Fallujah

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