Spain has a lot more to offer than the incomprehensibly popular Pedro Almodóvar. Here are four of the best and most varied Spanish shorts!


7:35 In The Morning by Nacho Vigalondo (2003) (Spain) (8m)

Nominated for an Oscar in 2005, it's impossible not to like 7:35 In The Morning (7:35 De La Mañana), written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. It starts off in a slightly eerie fashion, with a woman entering a cafe for her normal morning cup of coffee but with no-one speaking or, indeed, moving. It seems she has a secret admirer who has come up with an unusal way of approaching his intended...

The Natural Route by Àlex Pastor (2004) (Spain) (11m)

You may have to watch The Natural Route (La Ruta Natural) a couple of times to truly appreciate it - it certainly took me a little while to work out what was going on! With writing partner Martí Roca, Alex Pastor has created a beautiful film with a heart. It won at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival and Pastor has since made two thriller feature films. The Natural Route is a little like The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, which was turned into a feature film.

The Natural Route

The Guilt by David Victori (2011) (Spain) (13m)

The Guilt (La Culpa) is an interesting and engaging film from Spain, reminding me very much of The Stairway by Alex Torterotot (for obvious reasons if you watch both). It won the 2012 Your Film Festival and it's easy to see why. It begins with the murder of a man's pregnant girlfriend and follows his quest for revenge. During this quest he learns that murder will leave you in an inescapable spiral of guilt..

The Guilt

The Legend of The Scarecrow by Marco Besas (2005) (Spain) (10m)

Why are crows black? This is the question answered by The Legend of the Scarecrow (La Leyenda del Espantapájaros) by Marco Besas. It won the best animation award at the 2005 LA Shorts Fest among others and remains ones of the best short animations from Spain. Besas went on to make a feature film in 2008 but that fared less well. The Legend of the Scarecrow is the sad story of a lonely scarecrow...

Legend of the Scarecrow

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