One Too Many by Borja Cobeaga (2005) (Spain) (15m)

Directed by Borja Cobeaga, the comedy One Too Many (Eremos Pocos) was nominated for an Academy Award in 2007. It follows the story of a father and son who wake one day to find that the mother has left them. Incapable of looking after themselves, they decide the best option is to rescue the mother-in-law from the nursing home and have her fill in for her daughter. Will this poorly thought through plan work out or are the father and son team so useless that they will somehow manage to mess it up again?

The Screamers by Roberto Pérez Toledo (2011) (Spain) (1m)

The Screamers (Los Grotines), written and directed by Roberto Perez Toledo, is a great short short film that also falls into the romance genre. If you're not smiling at the end, then write me an angry email. A man and a woman are look out from a graffiti strewn rooftop when they being screaming for fun. However, an uncomfortable situation awaits them when one of them raises the romantic stakes. I actually dreamt about this film after watching it.

The Screamers

Luxo Jr

Voice Over by Martin Rosete (2011) (Spain) (11m)

Written by Luiso Berdejo (REC, Violet) and directed by Martin Rosete, Voice Over is a visually stunning short film, which appears to have had a budget to die for. It presents three different extreme situations, where the voiceover is actually very similar, with a man having only a few minutes to live unless he achieves something. It could be read as a postmodern take on the sameness and forced drama of Hollywood movies or simply a fun exploration of an idea. Though made by Spaniards, the language is French..

Lady & The Reaper

The Lady And The Reaper by J. Recio Gracia (2009) (Spain) (8m)

The Lady And The Reaper (La Dama Y La Muerte) was nominated for the Best Short Oscar Animation in 2010. A sweet old lady looks forward to the cold hand of death so she can be reunited with her beloved husband. One night, while asleep, she is invited through the immortal door but before she can cross the threshold she wakes up in the ER. The narcissistic doctor has brought her back to life and now enters into a mad fight with death and the old lady..

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