The UK always display incredible talent. This page includes some of the very best short movies from Great Britain from the last few years.

Photograph of Jesus

Taj Mahal Presents... A Short Film by David Dearlove (2021) (UK) (7m)

A rather brilliant meta movie that should be required watching for all short filmmakers, though it is quite possible its Swiftian self-indulgence will go over many heads. Starring Phil Daniels, any explanation of the plot is quite impossible, as there is no plot (as with many shorts). I believe Dearlove comes from a cinematographic background, which may explain why the (deliberately) unnecessary landscape shots work aesthetically despite being too long.

Post-it Love by Si & Ad (2008) (UK) (3m) *

Post-it Love, written and directed by British duo Simon Atkinson & Adam Townley (thus Si & Ad) is just about as close to perfection as you can get in a three minute romantic short film. Like the similarly brilliant Signs (here), Post-it Love shows us two shy office workers looking for love but unable to say so overtly. There is some suspension of disbelief needed but these are romance shorts made for the silver screen! Be sure to rate it and share it.

Post-it Love

Keith Reynolds

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It... by Felix Massie (2008) (UK) (6m)

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight is a sly animation to have on the Best of the UK page because it is apparently set in the USA (though the spelling of 'tonight' ensures we all know that it is in fact British). It tells the story of Keith Reynolds, a man who has worked at the same company for eight years and believes he is going to be promoted today, the key to getting his co-worker, Sarah, to like him. It all, of course, goes horribly and amusingly wrong.

The Black Hole by Olly Williams & Philip Sansom (2008) (3m) *

Created by Phil Sansom and Olly Williams, The Black Hole is a deceptively simple story that puts a fantastical discovery in a mundane world. Charlie, a tired office-woker, will xerox something life-changing: his very own black hole. Unfortunately, his instinct to use it for quick personal gain will backfire somewhat. It won the inaugral Virgin Media Shorts competion in 2008 (and hasn't been bettered since). It can also be found among the short shorts section.

The Black Hole

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