Four more of the short best comedy short films from across the globe

Truth In Advertising by Tim 15 CertificateHamilton (Canada) (2001) (12m)

Written by David Chiavegato and its director, Tim Hamilton, Truth In Advertising is a genuinely funny comedy that was, somewhat bizarrely, also nominated for a Palme d'Or in 2001. Colin Mochrie, best known as a regular on Whose Line Is It Anyway? in the US and UK, is the boss in an advertising agency where everybody tells the embarrassing truth about all the crap they talk and bollocks they make and peddle...

Truth in Advertising


Rejected by Don Hertzfeldt 15 Certificate(2000) (USA) (9m)

It's hard to know what to believe when one first watches Don Hertzfeldt's magnificent and unsettling hand-drawn animation, Rejected. But give it a chance and you will be richly rewarded. It was nominated for the Best Short Animation Oscar in 2001, losing out to Father & Daughter. How one can possibly compare two such brilliant and contrasting animations only the Academy members know.

Cindy's New Boyfriend by Robert Brinkmann (2015) (USA) (23m)

Cindy's New Boyfriend was directed by Robert Brinkmann, the Hollywood cinematographer who will be helping to judge the next FILMSshort competition. In his comic film, Cindy is the ex-girlfriend of Spencer, who persuades his friend Nick to use his acting talent to scare off Cindy's new boyfriend. However, things go wrong when Cindy's new boyfriend turns out to be a man not easily scared.

The Screamers by Roberto Pérez Toledo (2011) (Spain) (1m)

The Screamers (Los Grotines), written and directed by Roberto Perez Toledo, is a great short short film that also falls into the romance genre. If you're not smiling at the end, then write me an angry email. A man and a woman are look out from a graffiti strewn rooftop when they being screaming for fun. However, an uncomfortable situation awaits them when one of them raises the romantic stakes. I actually dreamt about this film after watching it.

The Screamers

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