Four more of the best comedy short films from the last few decades

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It... by Felix Massie (2008) (UK) (6m)

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight is a fantastic animation and an example of the Best of the UK. It is apparently set in the USA but the spelling of 'tonight' ensures that we know it is in fact British. It tells the story of Keith Reynolds, a man who has worked at the same company for eight years and believes today he is going to be promoted, the key to wooing his co-worker, Sarah. It does, of course, all go horribly and amusingly wrong.


Keith Reynolds

Gridlock by Dirk Beliën (2001) (Belgium) (7m) 15 Certificate

Written by Johan Verschueren, Gridlock (Fait d'hiver) was nominated for an Academy Award in 2003. It is a comic drama in which a businessman stuck in traffic (gridlock) decides to call his wife on his new mobile phone. However, he is told by his little girl that mummy is in the bedroom with 'Uncle Wim'. On hearing this news, our hero gives instructions, which have amusing and tragic consequences.



Omnibus by Sam Karmann (1992) (France) (8m)

Omnibus, co-written by Sam Karmann & Christian Rauth, won the Best Short Film Oscar, Palme d'Or and BAFTA during the 1992/1993 awards season (that's a grand slam in my British-biased books). It is a black comedy about a man on a non-stop train desparately trying to convince first the conductor and then the driver to let him off at an intermediate station. Karmann is now best known as an actor on French TV, for which he also continues to direct.

What Facebook is For

What Facebook Is For by Mike Booth (2009) (UK/Spain) (3m)

What Facebook Is For is part of Mike Booth's Some Grey Bloke animation series (for which I add a page here). Mike Booth is an English animator who lives in Spain, but has maintained his very dry, British sense of humor. What Facebooks Is For is an excellent example of how simple the comedy short film can be. You just need to be funny.

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