I am always on the lookout for great short films so please feel free to send one in. Unfortunately, I cannot respond to all but will at least watch a film if you follow rules 1-4

1. If a competition is running, I cannot watch your film. The biannual competitions remain the best way to get a film on the site. Winners and finalists are promoted much more than other films.

2. Please address me in person (Ed) in any messages. It baffles me how people fail to read this and yet expect me (and others) to spend time watching their films or on another request in the most abrupt terms. Seriously. Baffled.

3. This is a site for short films. Unless it has won serious awards, please do not send anything longer than 20 minutes. Of course there are great films that have won no awards and are longer but people are less inclined to watch them to find out.

4. For the love of God, include a link in the first email. It's just stupid to write an email asking if I will watch a film and require me to respond to you just to get the link off you.

5. Please be honest with yourself. Does your film really stand up to others on the site? Take a look at the competition winners to see the standard.

Making a great short film is hard. It takes time and usually money. So don't expect your first attempt to win an Oscar (as annoying as it that Ben Cleary did exactly that). There is a page here to help you if you're just starting out.

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