Fry Up by Charlotte Regan (2017) (UK) (8m)

Fry Up was also in competition at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival. It tells the story of a teenage son who has to return to court today to receive his sentance for an unkonwn crime. Knowing that he will be given a custodial sentence, he and his parents have to come to terms with the fact that this is the last morning they will spend together for some time. Regan has previously been nominated for a BAFTA with her comedy short film Standby.



Bad At Dancing by Joanna Arnew (2015) (USA) (11m)

Written and directed, and starring, Joanna Arnow, it is hard not to assume Bad At Dancing is somewhat autobiographical. The winner of the Silver Bear in Berlin, Bad At Dancing follows the travails of - you guessed it! - a woman called Joanna, whose only friend is her more attractive flatmate, Isabel. Isabel is in a relationship but Joanna seems to know no boundaries, entering Isabel's bedroom while the latter is making love (graphically shown) to her boyfriend in the first scene. The story continues in a similar fashion as the awkward Joanna infiltrates Isabel's life in an increasingly surreal film.

Tits by Alex Winckler (2013) (UK) (15m)

Anyone hoping for some titillation will be disappointed though, as the titular tits belong to a 13-year-old boy (unless that titillates you). Sam has what is termed gynecomastia, which happens to many boys during puberty. Understandably embarrassed by his condition, Sam goes to great lengths to hide it from others at his school - which is hard to do when the school has its own indoor swimming pool. How will the school bully react?

Feast of Stephen

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