Tits by Alex Winckler (2013) (UK) (15m)

Anyone hoping for some titillation will be disappointed though, as the titular tits belong to a 13-year-old boy (unless that titillates you). Sam has what is termed gynecomastia, which happens to many boys during puberty. Understandably embarrassed by his condition, Sam goes to great lengths to hide it from others at his school - which is hard to do when the school has its own indoor swimming pool. How will the school bully react?

Feast of Stephen


Yardbird by Michael Spiccia (2012) (Australia) (13m)

Its title refers to the film's heroine, a young girl who lives on her father's scrapyard. It soon becomes clear that she has special telekintic and healing powers (using them causes a nosebleed - a somewhat overused trope). When she comes across a group of teenage boys torturing a cat (a shortcut that tells us these are bad people) she feels obliged to save it. Despite being aware of the girl's awesome powers, the boys come to the scrapyard to take their revenge.

Cigarettes & Coffee

Meathead by Sam Holst (2011) (New Zealand) (11m)

Meathead was nominated at both the Cannes Film Festival and the Berlin. In teh short drama Meathead a school leaver has got a new job at the local abattoir, apparently through his father's connections (though I cannot imagine they are turning people away on a daily basis). As the new kid in this pretty bloody work place, our hero is to be subjected to some harsh words and a fairly innocuous initiation ceremony, which involves sweeping the floor while the rest of the staff repeatedly shout "meathead". How long will it take our hero to become one of the men?

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