Thriller short films should thrill you, Have you on the edge of your seat. I include here four of my favourite short films from the thriller genre.

The Guilt by David Victori (2011) (Spain) (13m)

The Guilt (La Culpa) is an interesting and engaging film from Spain, reminding me very much of The Stairway by Alex Torterotot (for obvious reasons if you watch both). It won the 2012 Your Film Festival and it's easy to see why. It begins with the murder of a man's pregnant girlfriend and follows his quest for revenge. During this quest he learns that murder will leave you in an inescapable spiral of guilt...

The Guilt

Jet by Jordan Chesney (2012) (USA) (8m) *

Joint winner of the 5th FILMSshort competition, Jet takes its place amongst the very best short films ever made! This dialogue-free film (they seem to do well in our competition) is a gripping thriller in which a man who plans to use his handgun on himself sees a girl being snatched from the curbside and decides he must act. Jet was a remake of a film Jordan made less than a year before but on a lower budget and tighter shoot. A kind of dress rehearsal.



Interpretation by Lin Oeding (2008) (US) (7m) 15 Certificate

Written and directed by Hollywood stuntman Lin Oeding, what Interpretation lacks in story it makes up for in sheer kick-ass (is that one word?) coolness. There is some art to the story in the way the title is explored in the dialogue but this is pretty basic action thrills. It went down very well on the North American festival circuit too. A couple walking back from a film encounter three thugs who have been reading Sun Tzu's ancient philosophical treatise, The Art Of War. However, their interpretation is incomplete.

Wanderer by Mark O'Brien & Jake Wilkens (2015) (USA) (16m)

the short psychological thriller Wanderer sees a male traveller arrive at a secluded house at dusk. He is seeking shelter and the occupants, a couple his age, invite him in and offer him dinner. However, the woman seems uncomfortable with their dinner guest and there is an underlying sense that something is not quite right. Could it be that the nomadic serial killer who has been stalking the area has just walked into their house? Will they survive the night?

Small Deaths

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