Scruples by Adrian Powers (2010) (Australia) (15m)15 Certificate

Written and directed by filmmaker Adrian Powers, Scruples is another testosterone heavy thriller that has much indebtedness to the early films of Quentin Tarantino. Two 'cleaners' for a criminal gang have been sent to tie up a loose end. However, one of them is an undercover cop who finds himself in a tricky spot. A slightly insincere account of how a policeman would actually have to act is forgivable and Powers has gone on to make his first feature film.



Seraphim by Kip Kubin (2014) (USA) (4m) *

Written and directed by Kip Kubin, the visually stunning Seraphim was a finalist in the 8th FILMSshort competition. It is a simple sci-fi thriller set in a dystopian world, which is being overrun by unknown creatures. We find one of the survivors living alone in a caravan but on the lookout. Can he really defend himself against the aliens or is he and the world doomed? You can see competition winners here.

Prey Alone by Mather & St Leger (2004) (USA) (15m)

Prey Alone by James Mather and Stephen St Leger has the feel of a blockbuster. It's quite incredible they should put so much time and effort, and presumably money, into a short film. It's also encouraging that they recognised their idea did not have the "legs" for a feature film and that - with its one act and nice twist - it was more suited to the short form. There is little I can add - is it a "boys" movie?

Prey Alone

18 Certificate Logo A Message From Fallujah by R. Gibson (2005) (Australia) (15m)

A Message From Fallujah, co-written by Shane Briant and its director, Richard Gibson, won several awards on the short film festival circuit, playing particularly well in North America. Set in war-torn Iraq, A Message From Fallujah centres on Daniel Crane, an American civilian engineer who is kidnapped by an extremist group of militia. In an impossible situation, he manages to escape his captives but finds himself in a nightmarish realm outside his prison.

A Message from Fallujah

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