Raah by Prateek Payodhi (2016) (India) (16m)

Raah was selected by FunOnGo as the Best Indian Short Film in the 11th FILMSshort competition. In Raah a man is giving a pretty woman a lift in his car along a deserted road said to be haunted. A psychological power struggle ensues between the two of them because both like to play pranks. However, one of them is in for a nasty shock as events take a turn for the worse. But who is in the greatest danger?


Desperado by Bhuvan Ashok (2017) (India) (6m)

Desperado was a co-winner of the BEST INDIAN SHORT FILM in the FILMSshort competition. This fiction short centres on a gangster, who is filled with rage, vengeance, hopes and dreams, and asks what happens when a dream meets reality. If our hero will have to risk his own life to bring his dream into reality, what will he choose? Made in just one location, Desperado shows what can be achieved on a low budget.

Friday Tigers

Printed Rainbow

Waves In The Wind by Guru Moorthy (2017) (India) (5m)

A co-winner of the BEST INDIAN SHORT FILM in the FILMSshort competition. Inspired by a true story, this simple but poignant film gives us a glimpse of two young people in love. It does not matter that they are both deaf and dumb, but it does apparently matter that he is from a lower caste than she is. However, he is convinced that he can persuade her parents that he is worthy of their daughter. In a country where the caste system still persists, and it is often seen as a matter of "honour", how will this young couple fare?

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