Lullaby by Poojitha Prasad (2016) (India) (6m)

Lullaby is the first Indian film to make it into the finals of the FILMSshort competition, proving that Indian filmmaking is on the up. Lullaby (Laali) tells the story of a mother (Roopa Rayappa) who is being constantly awoken by her crying baby, much to the annoyance of her husband (Sujith Shetty). But all is not as it seems and her husband can longer bear to see his wife tending to their baby.

Friday Tigers

The Market Hemanth Srinivasan (2017) (India) (9m)

The Market (Sandhai) won the Best Indian Short Film award in the FILMSshort Competition. The Market tells the story of a man selling body organs on the black market, who finds himself the target of his own trade because of his rare blood type. However, he has a plan to meet the demand without harming himself. Set in one location, it is a complex story well-acted by the Tamil-speaking cast.


The Price by Vicky Khandpur (2010) (India) (5m)

Written and directed by prolific Indian filmmaker Vicky Khandpur, The Price became a big hit on YouTube. It tells the story of a young boy visiting a prostitute so he can lose his virginity. However, there is some haggling to be done over the price, and it seems that the boy is not planning to pay for his sexual encounter with money at all. In the end, this is a short film with a message.



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