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Due to copyright it can be difficult to find the latest Oscar winners but here are four of the most recent Oscar winning films available online.

Curfew by Shawn Christensen (2012) (USA) (19m)

Written and directed by Shawn Christensen for himself to star in, Curfew won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2013. Curfew, also starring child actor Fatima Ptacek, was written as a proof of concept for the feature film, Before I Disappear. Richie is at a low point in his life when he gets a call from his estranged sister asking him to look after his nephew, Sophia, for a few hours. Their night time excursion reveals a connection between two lost souls.

The Shore

The Shore by Terry George (2011) (UK) (29m)

Terry George had been nominated for an Oscar in 2005 for his feature film Hotel Rwanda, so it is perhaps no surprise that the Academy awarded him the Best Short Film Oscar for The Shore. It is a gentle drama about a man returning to Northern Ireland with his grown daughter after 25 years in America. He feels he needs to track down an old friend and apologise for deserting him after he was shot during The Troubles. However, this is not a political film by any means.

The Shore

God of Love by Luke Matheny (2010) (USA) (18m)

God of Love won the Academy Award for Best Short Film in 2011. Matheny plays Ray, a hopeless romantic whose cabaret act consists of singing and playing darts at the same time. When he receives magical darts that act like Cupid's arrows, he decides to use them on Kelly, the woman he adores. However, they will only work for six hours, meaning he has to ensure her infatuation turns into something more permanent before the time runs out. Will he learn the meaning of true love?

The Shore

Wish 143 by Ian Barnes (2009) (UK) (23m)

Wish 143 by British filmmaker Ian Barnes was nominated for the Best Short Film Oscar in 2011. A black comedy written by Simon Bigwell, it follows the efforts of a young cancer patient, David, trying to fulfil his final wish: which is to lose his virginity. The charity offers him Gary Neville (the soccer player) instead and his friendly priest tries to deter him but David he is determined to pop his cherry before he pops his clogs.

Wish 143

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