Most filmmakers assume the audience is heterosexual, which is why you get gay & lesbian short film festivals. Here are four of the best gay short films.


Trevor by Peggy Rajski (1994) (US) (16m)

Trevor, written by James Lecesne and directed by Peggy Rajski, won an Oscar as well an Honorable Mention at Sundance in 1995 (though Rajski had previously been on the jury). The film follows the growing pains of teenage Trevor who is struggling to fit in at school and whose homophobic parents seem incapable of understanding his troubled soul. The opening is reminiscent to the 1971 feature film Harold and Maude but we won't mention that! Unfortunately, the video will not play in Germany.

The Last Time I Saw Richard by Nicholas Verso ('15) (Aus) (22m)

The Last Time I Saw Richard by Australian filmmaker Nichoals Verso mixes genres, but as it makes one's skin crawl, it must be considered a horror short film. The Last I Saw My Richard (no link to the Joni Mitchell song) is set in a mental hospital for teenagers in 1995, where a rebellious loner, Jonah, finds his dark dreams are shared by his new roommate, Richard. However, Richard's tormentors have followed him into the physical world and Jonah feels like only he can protect him, prompting a physical relationship.

13 Or So Minutes

13 or So Minutes by William 15 Certificate Branden Blinn (2008) (US) (13m)

13 or So Minutes is a simple conversational short from American filmmaker William Branden Blinn (whom I presume must be gay). It focuses on the conversation between two young men who have just 'made out' ('kissed' to anyone outside America). Lawrence is not ashamed because he follows his heart and believes what he did was instinctively right. Hugh, however, is more self-conscious and less willing to accept that he has homosexual tendencies.

Raw Love by Martin Deus & Juan Chappa (2008) (Argentina) (15m)

Raw Love (Amor Crudo) was co-directed by Martin Deus and Juan Chappa, with writing credits attached to the former. It is a subtle and beautifully acted short about two high school friends spending the last days of term together. There is, of course, an unsaid something simmering beneath the surface but South American society is not condusive to male lovers. Raw Love is a compelling and truthful story of mixed emotions and untold wants.

Raw Love

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