The Last Time I Saw Richard by Australian filmmaker Nichoals Verso mixes genres, but as it makes one's skin crawl, it must be considered a horror short filmThe Last I Saw My Richard (no obvious link to the Joni Mitchell song) is set in a mental hospital for teenagers in 1995, where a rebellious loner, Jonah, finds his dark dreams are shared by his new roommate, Richard. However, Richard's tormentors have followed him into the physical world and Jonah feels like only he can protect him, prompting a physical relationship. It is a slow burner but the VFX are superbly rendered and, although the film uses well-known tropes, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. If you like The Last Time I Saw Richard by Nichoals Verso be sure to rate it and share it. It should disturb all those who watch it.

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