Many experimental shorts are just too obscure but I include four of my favourites though some may contend that not all are truly experimental.

Next Floor

Next Floor by Denis Villeneuve (2008) (Canada) (11m)

After winning a disgustingly large number of awards, Denis put his film Next Floor on vimeo in late 2013. Being a vegetarian, my take on it may differ from others but in Next Floor we find eleven pampered guests gorging on all manner of beasts while a host of waiters stand by. Their gluttony has a consequence, captured in brilliant visual effects and defying the laws of physics. Denis has since made the feature films Incendies and Prisoners.

World of Glory

World Of Glory by Roy Andersson (1991) (14m) (Sweden)

If you watch it once you will never forget World of Glory (Härlig är jorden), written and directed by Roy Andersson. What exactly it is trying to say I am, to be honest, not completely sure but the opening scene is so absolutely and excruciatingly captivating you will be pondering its meaning for a while. Andersson was born in wartime Europe and was in his late 40s when he made this. He has since moved onto feature films and I suspect that they are similarly unique...

The Jetty

The Jetty by Chris Marker (1962) (France) (27m)

The Jetty (La Jetée) by Chris Marker is a classic experimental short film and one that filmmakers love to reference because it appears to have influenced a range of later works, especially Twelve Monkeys, for which Marker was credited. Yet The Jetty remains unique. As to whether it was truly original, I do not know by what Marker may have been influenced so cannot say. However, like the best experimental films it leaves a lasting impression on you

Seven Days In The Wood by Peter Larsson (2010) (Sweden) (6m) *

The experimental Seven Days In The Wood (Sju Dagar I Skogen) was animated by Larsson and Rasmus R Streith. It feels a little like a David Lynch film with its eerie, evocative sounds and visuals. I honestly cannot see a narrative but I am not sure that was the intention of the creators. It was nominated for a Golden Bear in 2011, showing a long held inclination from the Berlin jury towards experimentation.


Seven Days in the Wood

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