The God by Konstantin Bronzit (2004) (Russia) (4m) *

Russian animator Konstantin Bronzit was nominated for an Academy Award in 2009 with his simple, hand-drawn animated film, Lavatory Lovestory. But in 2004 he created this truly brilliant computer animation. A bronze statue of the Hindu deity, Shiva, the personifaction of calm, is irritated by a pesky fly and comes to life in order to rid himself of it. But in his increasingly frustated attempts, Shiva causes himself more and more problems until...

The God

Creature Comforts by Nick Park (1989) (UK) (5m)

Those old enough will remember that Nick Park, the man who brought us Wallace & Gromit, first brought us his stop-motion clay animations in the form of Creature Comforts, which won the Best Short Animation Oscar in 1991 (it seems it took the Academy a year or two watch it). Creature Comforts is an often very amusing and thought-provoking take on zoos and what animals might say if they could talk and were given the opportunity to comment.

Creature Comforts

Peanut Butter Lips by Jamie Hooper (2011) (UK) (2m)

Peanut Butter Lips by Jamie Hooper was selected as the overall winner for the Christmas 2011 competition. In Peanut Butter Lips we find ourselves in a summer's day of childhood dreams and a young boy who wants to exchange a kiss for a sandwich. Unfortunately, the girl in question is picky about the contents of the sandwich. Jamie runs his own London-based production company, Fingercuff Productions, with fellow filmmaker James Webber.

Peanut Butter Lips

Ah L'Amour

Ah L'Amour by Don Hertzfeldt (1995) (USA) (2m)

Ah L'Amour was Don Hertzfeldt's first animation to be let loose upon the world. I make no secret of my admiration for his dark, misanthropic sense of humour. If he had a selection of official uploads he would have his own page. In Ah L'Amour (Ah Love), we find one guy getting a series of "painful" rejections from a girl he likes until he hits upon the real way to a girl's heart. It was voted the World's Funniest Cartoon at the 1998 World Animation Celebration.

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