Borrowed Time by Coats & Hamou-Lhadj ('15) (USA) (6m)

Borrowed Time was nominated for an Academy Award after winning at the LA Shorts Fest in 2016. It is a beautifully made short animated Western, but perhaps a little lacking in story. It sees a man return to the scene where he lost his father, a stocky sheriff. A flashback reveals that, while being chased by a bandit, they were involved in a cliff-edge crash and he ended up being his father's last hope of rescue. Many people are taking away deep human insights from this simple tale - and the metaphorical title is an obvious cue.

Legend of the Scarecrow

The Missing Scarf by Eoin Duffy (2013) (Ireland) (7m)

The Missing Scarf won many awards on the short film festival circuit, including at the LA Shorts Fest. The Missing Scarf tells the story of the wise squirrel, Albert, who encounters a series of distracted animals in his journey through the woods while searching for his missing scarf. Albert is able to impart an ever-increasing level of insight into the animals' fears, including a bear's morbid fear of non-existence. However, can words really defend us against the inevitability of our demise?



Zero by Christopher Kezelos (2010) (Australia) (12m)

Zero is a briliantly crafted stop-motion short animation written and directed by Australian filmmaker Christopher Kezelos. It follows the story of Zero, a being born into a world of numbers, where zeros are considered the pariahs of society and thus oppressed by all other numbers. It is a simple story about human nature and how stoically the subjugated take their persecution. Zero was Keselos's first film to feature on the festival circuit.

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