BAFTA likes to reward British drama in their awards. Here are some
of the best BAFTA winners and nominees from the last decade or so.

Standby by Charlotte Regan (2016) (UK) (6m)

Standby was nominated for a BAFTA in 2017. Set entirely in a cramped police car, we follow a new police partnership: Gary and Jenny. Jenny is the rookie. Their relationship evolves over the coming months in a series of short scenes with extra comedy coming from the various criminals handcuffed in the backseat. There is definitely something of Peter Kay's Car Share in this BAFTA-nominated short film.

Argentine Tango
Room 8

Operator by Caroline Bartleet (2015) (UK) (6m)

Set entirely in an emergency call centre, Operator tells the story of one particular call, handled by Laura. Gemma has apparently woken up to discover a fire in her house and her young son, Jamie, is trapped upstairs. Despite Laura asking Gemma to stay downstairs, the latter cannot refrain from trying to save her son. Will Laura be able to keep them safe until the fire engine arrive? No matter the outcome, Laura will have another call to handle straight after.

Samuel 613 by Billy Lumby (2015) (UK) (15m)

Written and directed by Billy Lumby, Samuel 613 was nominated for a BAFTA in 2016. Samuel 613 tells the story of Shmilu, a young Hasidic Jew torn between his Orthodox upbringing and the world of possibilities outside, especially those that come in female form. The acting is brilliant and it is the first fiction film made with the UK's Hasidic population, though they really just function as a restrictive environment, like The Brethren in Son of Rambow.

Argentine Tango

Emotional Fusebox by Rachel Tunnard (2015) (UK) (15m)

Emotional Fusebox was made as a proof-of-concept short for the feature film, Adult Life Skills, and funded by Creative England. It tells the story of Anna (Jodie Whittaker), who, suffering from something of a midlife crisis, is living in her mother's shed and making videos with her thumbs. She has loving friends and family who know Anna needs to be forced to engage with the world again. When a handsome stranger turns up outside their isolated house, it could be the perfect opportunity for Anna

Argentine Tango

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