I Do Air by Martina Amati (2009) (UK) (7m) *

I Do Air is a dialogue-free film telling the story of a young girl feeling insecure at a swimming pool - manifest in her inability to dive off the top diving board. When the rest of the children have gone, she returns to the pool to find two adult male free-divers doing underwater lengths. Believing that this could be her calling, she decides to join them. How will they react? And should her parents or school be investigated for a total lack of supervision?

September by Esther Campbell (2008) (UK) (21m)

September tells the story of Marvin (Nicholas Aaron), stuck working as a kitchen porter at a motorway services, who comes across a strange girl practising a superhuman power in the nearby shrubland. A bridge crossing the motorway acts as the central metaphor, with the safety of the services one side, and the unknown world found on the other. Will Marvin be spurred into leaving his life behind by his brief encounter with the girl?

My Wrongs


Kingsland #1: The Dreamer by Tony Grisoni (2008) (UK) (20m)

Kingsland #1: The Dreamer was written and directed by London-born Tony Grisoni, who had already forged a successful writing career before trying his hand at directing. Kingsland was nominated alongside Ralph (see below) and follows the story of a Kurdish immigrant who has arrived in London with nothing and soon finds himself involved in a dark world. It is entitled #1: The Dreamer because it is intended as the first of five chapters of a feature.

Ralph by Alex Winckler (2008) (UK) (12m)

Alex Winckler, who studied film at Columbia University, New York, went on to direct for British teen soap opera, Hollyoakes after being nominated for a BAFTA with Ralph. Ralph was his graduation film and tells the story of a teenage boy (Ralph) who arrives in France to meet the French girl he met in England. However, his lack of preparation and her apparent disinterest results in Ralph learning a little about who he should be giving his heart to.


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