Most filmmakers assume the audience is heterosexual, which is why you get gay & lesbian short film festivals. Here are four of the best gay short films.

Prop 8: The Musical by Adam Shankman (2008) (USA) (3m)

Prop 8: The Musical was directed by the Hollywood stalwart Adam Shankman (Rock of Ages, Hairspray) and stars a host of famous actors, including Jack Black (School of Rock), who delivers a fantastic portrayal of Jesus Christ. It is of course a spoof about the infamous Proposition 8 ballot, which outlawed same-sex marriage in California. In this short comey, the two sides of the argument are given advice by Jesus Christ and a Very Smart Fellow.

Caged by Dylan Tonk & Lazlo Tonk (2013) (Holland) (12m)

Caged (Uitgesproken) is a gay short film co-written and co-directed by Dutch filmmaking brothers Dylan Tonk and Lazlo Tonk. Like many award-winning gay shorts, the film centres around two teenage boys. In Caged, Dutch high schoolers David and Niels are running partners, but Niels is hiding the fact that he is gay and will not partake in the bullying of the gay friend of David's girlfriend. How will David react when he discovers that his best bud is lying to him?

Franswa Sharl by Hannah Hilliard (2009) (Australia) (14m) *

Based on a true story from the life of its co-writer, Greg Logan, Franswa Sharl (a corruption of Francois Charles) was directed by filmmaker Hannah Hilliard. In the film, Greg is a teenage boy with a lively flamboyancy on holiday with his and another family. Despite his father wanting a macho son, Greg is not interested in the girls and while making a prank phone call, he comes up with a plan to show who he really is: thus French girl Franswa Sharl is born. I guess he does not know that Francois is a male name in France.

Eden by Sean Willis (2014) (USA) (15m)

Eden is a high concept LGBT short film written by Jason Rostovsky and directed by Sean Willis. Set in the near future, this gay drama presents us with a world in which young homosexuals are incarcerated until they undergo a fix. Two inmates, Adam and Everett, have fallen in love and are determined to escape their prison together. Like all good science fiction films, it is more about our present than our future. Written by a gay filmmaker, the world created is surely a metaphor for the isolatory gay world.

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