Most filmmakers assume the audience is heterosexual, which is why you get gay & lesbian short film festivals. Here are four of the best gay short films.

The Parlor

The Parlor by Geoffrey Haley 15 Certificate(2001) (US) (11m)

A bit of an all time classic, The Parlor is somewhat confusing to start with but you soon work out what is happening. It is a very nicely observed piece with fantastic dialogue and a nice little twist at the end. It won an Honorable Mention at the Sundance Film Festival and its writer-director, Geoffrey Haley, went on to make the feature film, The Last Word in 2008. However, he is best known as a Hollywood camera (and steadicam) operator.

Guy 101 by Ian W. Gouldstone (2006) (USA/UK) (10m)

Ian W. Gouldstone is a native New Yorker but lived for ten years in London, England, during which time he made this quirky 2007 winner about the detached nature of the internet and the darker side of (gay) sex. Gouldstone also taught animation at the Univesity of Wales before relocating to Melbourne, Australia, where he continues to work as an animator and game developer. He co-founded Pachinko Pictures with David G. Surman in order to do so.

Guy 101


Strangers by Eraz Tadmor & Guy Nattiv (2003) (Israel) (7m) *

Eraz Tadmor, a filmmaker from Israel, suggested I add one of his short films to the website and I was happy to oblige. Strangers is a vignette from his feature film of the same name, but it works very well as a stand alone short and won several awards on the short film festival circuit. Two male strangers exchange glances on the Tel Aviv underground but are then joined by an unwanted, homophobic mob. The tension rises as they approach the next station...

Basketball & Maths

Basketball & Maths by Rodolphe Marconi (2000) (France) (6m)

Basketball and Maths (Basket et Maths) is a short piece from gay Paris-born filmmaker Rodolphe Marconi. He went on to make two fiction feature films, one of which, The Last Day, returned to the same story of a young, unrequited gay love found in Basket et Maths. It seems obvoius that Marconi is drawing from personal experience here. He also made a feature documentary on fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld, called Lagerfeld Confidential.

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