Prop 8: The Musical by Adam Shankman (2008) (USA) (3m)

Prop 8: The Musical was directed by the Hollywood stalwart Adam Shankman (Rock of Ages, Hairspray) and stars a host of famous actors, including Jack Black (School of Rock), who delivers a fantastic portrayal of Jesus Christ. It is of course a spoof about the infamous Proposition 8 ballot, which outlawed same-sex marriage in California. In this short comey, the two sides of the argument are given advice by Jesus Christ and a Very Smart Fellow.

The Ride by Timothy Melville (2013) (USA) (7m)

The Ride is a comical romantic drama from Australian filmmaker Timothy Melville. Forgoing the hit-and-miss festival route, Melville decided to put his great short film online straight away instead. In The Ride we find a man waiting by his car for his mates to return when his ex-lover passes by. As they talk about old time the man seems nervous. But is there another reason for his nerves?


Old Negro Space Program

The Old Negro Space Program by Andy Bobrow (2004) (US) (10m)

The Old Negro Space Program is an amusing mockumentary from Andy Bobrow, who was a resident writer on the amusing Malcolm In The Middle television series. Using a lot of photoshopped images and fabulous actors that give it the tinge of reality that makes a great mockumentary, The Old Negro Space Program tells the until now untold story of how a racist America has erased the historic contribution of Afro-Caribbean astronauts to the NASA space program.

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It... by Felix Massie (2008) (UK) (6m)

Keith Reynolds Can't Make It Tonight is a fantastic animation and an example of the Best of the UK. It is apparently set in the USA but the spelling of 'tonight' ensures that we know it is in fact British. It tells the story of Keith Reynolds, a man who has worked at the same company for eight years and believes today he is going to be promoted, the key to wooing his co-worker, Sarah. It does, of course, all go horribly and amusingly wrong.


Keith Reynolds

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