Four of the best comedy shorts. They seem to be mainly American films!


7:35 In The Morning by Nacho Vigalondo (2003) (Spain) (8m)

Nominated for an Oscar in 2005, it's impossible not to like 7:35 In The Morning (7:35 De La Mañana), written and directed by Nacho Vigalondo. It starts off in a slightly eerie fashion, with a woman entering a cafe for her normal morning cup of coffee but with no-one speaking or, indeed, moving. It seems she has a secret admirer who has come up with an unusal way of approaching his intended...

Photograph of Jesus

Photograph of Jesus by Laurie Hill (2008) (UK) (7m)

Photograph Of Jesus is a hard film to categorise, which is perhaps why I like it so much. It is a funny, interesting, stop-motion, animation documentary about some of the weirder and more asinine requests for photographs at Getty Images (including the request for a photograph of Jesus). It is narrated by an archivist Matthew Butson and is the second short film by London-based animator Laurie HIll.

Spin by Jamin Winans (2005) (USA) (8m) *

Written and directed by Jamin Winans, Spin is one of those short films that crosses several genres and hence I use it as an example in the drama section too! Winans employs his love of music (he is the film's composer) in this simple tale of an angel-like DJ who is sent down to put right an everyday situation that is going wrong and forever ending in trajedy. With no dialogue and plenty of humor, Spin is one of those near-perfect short films.



Not What You Saw

Not Where You Saw (2011) (USA) (2m)

A simple but brilliant idea, the Ramsey Brothers have made several Home Movie Commentaries. Basically, they get together to watch old home movies and give running commentaries like you find on the DVDs of modern Hollywood feature films. One of the results is Not Where You Saw, a subtle and amusing lampooning of the bollocks that Hollywood directors and actors speak. As the Ramsey Brothers say, Not Where You Saw “tells the riveting tale of one brother’s courageous stand for justice.”

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