Best Man by Freddie Hall (2016) (UK) (4m)

Best Man won three awards in the 12th FILMSshort competition, including the Grand Prize. It tells the story of the newly engaged Donald, who wants his good friend, Patrick, to be the best man at his wedding. The caveat is that, if Patrick is to be his best man, his first task is to get Donald out of the marriage by getting rid of his fiancée, which, as well as being somewhat contradictory, leads Patrick to believe that Donald has in fact lost his mind. When the bride-to-be turns up, Patrick faces a problem.


Above by Jorn Threlfall (2015) (UK) (11m)

Above was nominated for a BAFTA in 2016, the year that Operator won. Mostly told through a series of external wide shots shown in reverse order, this drama short film is focused on a crime scene. Someone has died but how exactly did that happen? It is extremely effective and surprisingly tense as we wait for the event to happen. The event itself was inspired by a true story. If you like the BAFTA-nominated short film Above by John Threlfall be sure to rate it and share it.


The Pitch by John Hardwick (2015) (UK) (9m)

By the British film and TV director John Hardwick, who is also a judge in the FILMSshort competition, you sense that the comedy short The Pitch came from bitter experience. It tells the story of a screenwriter, Alan (Richard Glover), who is meeting with a self-satisfied film producer - with a track record in B movies - to pitch him his new script. However, when he finally gets to pitch his idea, he reveals a concept that is something a little bit different - and the producer appears to be in mortal danger.

Creature Comforts

Peter and Ben by Pinny Grylls (2007) (10m)

Peter and Ben is a lovely, low-key documentary about a hermit (the eponymous Peter) who has hidden himself away in the Welsh countryside only to end up living with a sheep (the eponymous Ben). I find it intriguing how much like a dog a sheep will act if given the chance - so the next time you omnivores out there tuck into a lamb chop please spare a thought for Ben and how sentient an aminal he is!

Peter and Ben

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