More of the very best shorts from Great Britain from the last decade.

Sign Language

Sign Language by Oscar Sharp (2010) (UK) (5m)

Written by Stephen Fellows, Sign Language won both the short film competition and the Virgin Media Shorts competition in 2010 and it's easy to see why. It is a subtle and likeable romantic comedy narrated by a 'board guy' - the guys standing on London's Oxford Street holding up signs - who spends his life making announcements but is too shy to talk to the co-worker that he fancies.

This Way Up by Foulkes & Smith (2007) (UK) (8m) *

Directed by Adam Foulkes & Alan Smith, and co-written by Christopher O'Reilly, This Way Up shows us just how good a short animation film can be (even if you're not Pixar). Nominated for an Oscar in 2009, This Way Up sees two undertakers encounter a series of comical obstacles as they try to get their client to the graveyard in time. Events take a supernatural turn near towards the end with moments reminiscent of Disney's Skeleton Dance (hidden here).

This Way Up

Room 8

Room 8 by James W Griffiths (2013) (UK) (6m)

Room 8 by James W Griffiths won the 2014 BAFTA for Best Short Film. It's central idea seems to have been inspired by the Oscar-nominated animation Delivery by Till Nowak. However, it is still a beautifully made and mind-bending short film in its own right. Room 8 is the Russian prison cell into which an Englishman is dragged. His cellmate warns him not to open the box on the bed. However, curiosity gets the better of him and he must face the consequences.


Kingsland #1: The Dreamer by Tony Grisoni (2008) (UK) (20m)

Kingsland #1: The Dreamer was written and directed by London-born Tony Grisoni, who had already forged a successful writing career before trying his hand at directing. Kingsland follows the story of a Kurdish immigrant who has arrived in London with nothing and soon finds himself involved in a dark world with fellow Kurds. It is entitled #1: The Dreamer because it was intended as the first of five chapters of a feature.

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