Written, directed, produced and starring Nardeep Khurmi, Paag won Best Drama at the 2018 LA Shorts Fest. It is a subtle short film and a bit of a slow-burner (which often happens when one person has so much control - no-one is there to tell him to speed things up), but it is very nicely made and worth sticking with. It centres on Mandeep, an American with a wife and young son. It is July 4th and a racist shooting of a member of his community has left Mandeep contemplating how he is treated in his homeland - from people avoiding him on the subway to outright racist abuse. How will Mandeep react to a day full of racism? I struggle to understand how anyone could confuse a Sikh with a Muslim (which is what they seem to be doing) but there are a lot of very stupid people out there. If you like the short drama Paag by Nardeep Khurmi, be sure to rate it and share it.

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