Based on a well-known Slavic story by Branko Ćopić, Hedgehog's Home was directed by Eva Cvijanović and supported by the National Film Board of Canada. It tells the story of a hedgehog who is invited to dinner by a fox. However, it is not the fox's intent to eat the hedgehog. Instead, the fox is determined to discover what makes the hedgehog's home so appealing to the hedgehog. He thus follows the hedgehog home, picking up a wolf, a bear and a hog along the way. When they find the hedgehog's home is nothing more than a hole under a tree, the wolf, bear and hog are quick to ridicule the spiky creature. However, the hedgehog has a response. Voiced in rhyme, and with a linear story, Hedgehog's Home is reminiscent of The Gruffalo.

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